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We have all been concerned by the news and images of human suffering and devastation on our televisions and computer screens.  It seems beyond comprehension that a free people could be attacked and assaulted in such a way.  While it is heartbreaking to witness the effects of this unprovoked violence, it is inspiring to see the bravery and resolve of the Ukrainian people. 

Russia’s invasion of its neighboring country Ukraine has triggered a measured response from the United States and European governments.  There will undoubtedly be economic and market disruptions as this challenging world event unfolds.  While it is a solemn reminder that geopolitical risk is a part of investing in global markets, we should also guard our emotions against what is referred to as “recent bias” where recent events carry an outsized influence on our perceptions and decisions.  Times of crisis require clear thinking and adherence to long term principles to keep us on the right path forward. 

The attached Market Update from our broker dealer’s Chief Market Strategist offers a concise perspective of current world and market events, that includes factors beyond the Ukrainian situation.  At times like these, it is healthy to remind ourselves that market corrections are normal and necessary in the world of successful investing.  It has mostly played out that negative short term market fluctuation has little impact on long term outcomes.  Specifically, Equity markets have historically powered through geopolitical events.

We continue to serve our clients and align ourselves with proven long term professional portfolio management that is designed to reward long term investors.  It is the “time in” not the “timing” that matters most.

Our team is in your corner, and we continue to stand ready to be of assistance to you in any way we can.