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Julia Brufke Wenger, CFP, ChFC

Julia Brufke Wenger, CFP, ChFC

Phoenixville Branch Owner & Partner

The Why

I love being a Certified Financial Planner for many reasons. It is the perfect blending of technical expertise and creativity. No two clients are alike, and client’s goals and needs are as dynamic as the markets. Piecing together the perfect plan for a client is multidimensional. It is impossible to get there without building a relationship with the client and developing an understanding of their unique circumstances. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than developing strategies to provide sustainable income for clients preparing for or in retirement and providing a vision for them of how this will transpire then helping them monitor their plan and navigate changes as they occur. I give clients the gift of peace of mind and get to watch them meet their goals!

My story

I am a proud mother of four beautiful young women. I started my business over two decades ago when I had the opportunity to buy a tax practice while raising a young family. After few years many of my tax clients would seek planning advice. I decided I could add value to our relationship by expanding into planning and wealth management. Raising four children and growing a business has given me a firsthand insight into the challenges of managing time, financial priorities, and the importance of security and potential. You see, for several years I was a single parent and the caretaker for a parent with Alzheimer’s! Financial security can make you or break you at times like this, so I genuinely understand the weight of this responsibility when helping my clients make sound decisions and build for their futures.

Being a business owner is also a wonderful but complex journey. I have enjoyed being able to relate to other business owners and professionals taking risk, working hard often in volatile industries and trying to preserve their income. I do this using various tools including strategic tax planning, retirement plan design and insurance planning.

As my passion grew for this business, I made it a commitment to be as knowledgeable as possible about my craft of planning so I could lead those entrusting me with their financial future in the best possible direction.  

My credentials include:

Certified Financial Planner®

Charted Financial Consultant®

Registered Investment Advisor

Master of Financial Services from The American College

Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Villanova University

Graduate of Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Business program

Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the IRS

Licensed Insurance Agent multiple states


Having a background in taxes and planning expertise is a unique and powerful combination that has helped me position clients for potentially optimum results. Also, unique and fun is the fact that few financial advisors are female and less than 15% are Certified Financial Planners. I must admit that it is fun being a in a field that is emerging for women and I enjoy being a relatable resource for those seeking a female advisor.

Today I live in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with my husband Ron (my right hand and IT support guru as he works in this field). Having put the girls through college, I now have the latitude to work on my business with abandon, travel when not working with clients and I enjoy my hobbies that include running and an occasional round of golf.

I am also honored to mention that I am a published writer and contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Financial Planning, Advisor Today, and I have a novel on Kindle and Amazon among other recognitions.